Mighty QR & Page (Digital Only)


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Introducing the Mighty QR (Digital Only) – the perfect solution for those who want the flexibility to use their Mighty QR code in any way they choose! With our digital-only version, we provide you with a Mighty QR code, which you can print and use in any way you like. Simply receive the QR code via email and print it on any product you choose – from mugs to t-shirts to photo frames. 

Our digital-only version of the Mighty QR is perfect for those who want the convenience and personalization of a Mighty QR, but want the flexibility to use it in their own unique way. Whether you want to create a custom gift for a loved one, personalize a product with a special message or photo, or simply keep your Mighty QR close at hand, our digital-only version makes it easy and convenient to do so.

With the ability to store photos, YouTube or Vimeo videos, and other essential information, the Mighty QR Digital is a powerful tool for keeping your memories and important information safe and easily accessible. Customize it with your own unique content and create a personalized and memorable message that lasts a lifetime.

So why wait? Buy your Mighty QR today and start creating a lasting impression in a fun, unique, and convenient way!


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