How to Video

Important Note: Mighty QR currently supports Youtube & Vimeo videos. You cannot upload videos directly to your Mighty Page from your phone, tablet or computer. Youtube & Vimeo both offer excellent free video hosting solutions and Mighty QR supports both.

If you are looking to add a personal video to a Mighty Page and do not feel comfortable using Youtube or Vimeo, our team can help for a small customization fee. Please email us at with your request!

Adding a video to your Mighty Page is easy!

Simply copy the link to any embeddable (most are) Youtube or Vimeo video and head to your Mighty Page.

Click the ADD Video Button on your Mighty Page (The 5th Button)

Below we have added some info to help you get the Video Link from Youtube or Vimeo!



Vimeo is a little more complex as a platform but getting a Vimeo video link is relatively easy.

Go to the video you would like to use and either tap on it with your finger or hover your mouse over the video until you see the little paper airplane icon shown below in the red rectangle.

Click it!

Copy the link!

Back to your Mighty Page

Simply insert the video link you collected from Youtube or Vimeo and PASTE IT INTO the Video link box.

CLICK POST! You’re done.