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We built mighty to be as intuitive as possible. Please find below a quick guide to help you use our platform more effectively.

  1. Scan your item’s QR Code with your phone. (Connection to internet required).
  2. Find your activation code
    1. On cards, the code is either printed on the back or on a sticker.
    2. On other products, the activation code will either be under the flap or on a sticker with the packaging.
  3. Enter the activation code and press enter.
  4. Login or follow the registration process to create a Mighty QR Account.

You can access your account in two ways.

  1. Log in at
  2. When logged into your page
    1. Click the first button on the left.
    2. Click “Account”

From your account page you can:

  1. Name your page/s
    1. Click the pencil icon once to open the text box
    2. Add or edit existing page name.
    3. Click the pencil icon again to save the new page name.
  2. View your page/s
    1. Simply click the view button to be taken directly to your page where you can edit the contents of your page.
  3. Redirect your page/s
    1. Click the redirect arrow.
    2. Toggle redirect page to on and enter a URL where you would like people to be sent when they scan your product’s QR code.
    3. Important note, redirecting your page bypasses your mighty page and sends people directly to the URL you add.
    4. For some this may be an advanced feature. If you enable it by mistake simply toggle it back off and all will be well. 🙂

Important Note: Mighty QR automatically saves each post. When you are done just click the first button on the left and select logout, you will now see exactly what anyone else will see when they scan the Mighty QR Code.

  1. Click the second button on your button bar to add a text post.
  2. Text posts have a Title & Paragraph text. You can leave the title space blank if you don’t wish to have a title for the post.
  3. You don’t need to click save after posting and you can adjust the order by using the up and down arrows after posting.
  1. Adding an image is easy:
  2. Simply click the third button and choose from uploading from your device or snapping a photo there and then!
  3. No need to save, once the image is posted it is automatically saved to your page. 🙂
  4. You can use the arrows to order your images and the “X” to delete the image if you no longer want it in your page.
  5. Advanced Feature: If you click the chain icon above your image you can link the image to a URL of your choice.
  1. Click the 4th Button (Link Icon)
  2. Select the social media you’d like to link to or create a custom button.

    1. We have some cool pre-built buttons which you can choose from.
    2. Alternatively you can use the custom button
      1. Simply add the link
      2. The text you would like your button to show.
      3. Click Post
      4. Done.

Mighty QR currently supports Vimeo & Youtube videos both of which offer free video hosting options and many free videos for you to choose from to give your page an extra special touch. Mighty QR does not currently support direct video uploads.

  1. Click the 5th Button (The one with the play icon)
  2. Visit Youtube or Vimeo
    1. Either find a video you like
    2. or Upload a video (Refer to help guides on Youtube or Vimeo for guidance on how to upload videos there).
    3. Click the share button and then select COPY LINK
  3. Return to your mighty page and paste the video link
  4. Click Post! You’re done 🙂

We do offer video upload as a service if you wish to make your card extra personal please email us at

  1. Mighty Pages are generally accessed by scanning the QR code on a mighty product but there are situations where you may want extra privacy.
  2. For extra privacy click the lock ICON and add a passcode to your page.
  3. Your page can now only be viewed when the passcode is entered.
  1. To enable guest posting simply click the guest posting button.
  2. Create a passcode and click “SET”
  3. Share the page from your browser as you would any other web page.
    1. How you share the page will vary depending on the browser you are using.
  4. Remember to give your guests the passcode you set.
  5. When they visit the page they will see a “post as guest” button at the very top.
    1. All they need to do is click the button
    2. Enter the passcode
  6. Guest posters can add Images, Text & Embed Videos
  7. Guest posters cannot delete or edit the order of images, text or video.